Foxy Inside and Out


I believe you can have the body you desire.

I believe you are worthy of confidence, joy, and health.

& I believe with the right support, resources, pace, & passion, you will get there.



What is Foxy Inside & Out?

It’s a 3 month fitness master plan that gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

Look, you don’t have to wing it anymore! You can finally have a solid, effective, game plan that will teach you everything you need to know!


Ranell has taught me so much about eating healthy. I didn’t know how to eat healthy before; she gave me a simple plan that was easy to follow without feeling like I was missing out on food. I feel stronger, more confident, and more comfortable with my body. Also, I have arm muscles now! I never thought I’d be able to say that! Ranell taught me if I don’t have a goal/plan for how many days I’m working out a week, it’s not going to happen. I just want to give Ranell a huge thank you! She is much more than a person telling me what work out moves to do; I know she genuinely cares, not just about my results, but me as a person. She is a strong role model and has helped me meet my goals to be stronger and healthier.

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Foxy Woman

Whether you’re a beginner and have 100 pounds to lose, you’re a work out machine just wanting new ideas, or somewhere in between, this is FOR YOU!

This Isn’t Just A Workout Program. It’s A Pledge To Becoming The Best You.

  • The YOU, who gives herself permission to enjoy life.
  • The YOU, who has the confidence to be herself.
  • The YOU, who serves as a healthy example to her kids and family.
  • The YOU, who beams with pride at how far you have come.
  • The YOU, who isn’t afraid to sport a tank top or pair of shorts that highlights your hard work and strength.

Are you Ready to Embrace YOU?

Don’t be another statistic!

74% of women say they hate looking in the mirror and
don’t feel confident in their own skin!

It’s time to take a stand! Look at how much time we waste being the embarrassed and ashamed version of ourselves!

If you’ve ever:

  • Felt as if something’s wrong with you…
  • Felt stuck, yet unable to keep motivated…
  • Followed a restrictive eating plan, only to find you couldn’t maintain it…
  • Found yourself veering into an obsessive place with your diet and nutrition…
  • Invested hours into your training each day, to see little to no results…
  • Felt as if you weren’t meant to feel sexy or confident…


There’s good news:

  • You can lose the weight.
  • You can feel strong and sexy.
  • You can maintain your health and be injury-free.
  • You can be a fit mom.
  • You don’t have to spend HOURS working out.


The problem with most fitness programs is that despite their best intentions, you seem to work harder and harder, shoveling out tons of cash to people who don’t really care about you or your life. That’s where I’m different.

I created this step-by-step blueprint for you to be the light amidst all the fog


You’re busy, I get it!

So, stop wasting your time!

  • Stop winging your work outs and exercise plan.
  • Stop letting your self-doubt control your life
  • Stop wasting your time hating how you feel
  • Stop chasing the next “thing” promising results

What if your work outs only took a half hour? What if you had a complete work out system that got the job done? What if you had someone holding you accountable, so you knew you wouldn’t quit?

I’ve spent years building and training a community of strong, empowered women. I listened to their feedback and created the perfect formula to help you look and feel your absolute best in the least amount of time…

All without running yourself into the ground.

Ranell Foxhoven

So what makes Foxy Inside & Out Different?

Have you ever done a 30 day challenge (or know someone who has)?

How about a 90 day or even a 21 day challenge?

What happened after the challenge?

What happened after the diet ended?

Did you fall right back where you started?


Unless you want to lose 15 pounds, just to gain it back again, we need to create a lifestyle change.

This takes accountability and coaching because it’s so easy to slip back into old habits!

This is how I lost the weight and kept it off!

The key is in the lifestyle!

How do we create a lifestyle change?

Toss your scale and diet pills

The old way of doing things is OVER

It’s time to WIN each day, one day at a time, TOGETHER

I’ve spent the past 4 years keeping my 50 pounds off and teaching others to do the same

I know for a FACT that I NAILED IT and have a system that works

So no matter where you’re at…whether you’re just starting out and have 100 pounds to lose

Or you’re just trying to lose the last stubborn bit of belly fat,

…or anywhere in between…

Foxy Inside & Out is the NEW and IMPROVED system

to go from where you are to where you want to be!   


Meet Your Coach: Ranell Foxhoven

Ranell Foxhoven

Why I do what I do:

Hi! I’m Ranell; welcome! I have made it my mission to help women embrace their full potential through fitness, confidence, and life coaching. I know what it feels like to be ashamed of your body, to constantly feel the need to make sure the love handles are contained, and how it feels to look in the mirror and not recognize the person staring back.

See that picture on the left? That used to be me…I was shy, VERY insecure, and felt stuck in life. I knew I could be more, but was so afraid to try. I just wanted someone to help me, someone to show me the way…someone to believe in me. I had no idea how to eat right or control my cravings and I thought exercise was going to the gym (which I wasn’t about to do!) and doing 20 minutes on the elliptical. Needless to say, I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing.

The picture on the right is the new me; I am confident, have a huge passion for helping others, and I believe in myself. Since that picture, I have overcame cancer and had my first baby! I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today (I definitely wuldn’t have overcame cancer or had such an amazing birth) without my health and strength.

Before I decided to change my life, I went through the wringer with two eating disorders, multiple sexually and emotionally abusive relationships, self-hatred, perfectionism, depression, body dysmorphia, anxiety, and PTSD. My life turned around when I stopped torturing herself and loved myself with fitness. I honestly didn’t think I could do it and I definitely didn’t think I deserved to feel amazing. At first, I really struggled with motivation and willpower; I’d lose and gain, lose and gain…over and over…and over again. I thought there was something wrong with me and was about to throw in the towel when I realized there were (still are) tons of other women struggling with the same thing….why? And why couldn’t my trainer or their trainers help them work through it?

My friend, that’s why I became a trainer and coach. After nearly dying twice from cancer, I am on a mission to help women realize life is way too short to spend it in the self-esteem destroying lose and gain cycle and it’s DEFINITELY way too short to spend it covering ourselves up (ak half-living). It’s your turn to embrace your true self; the self hiding behind the flab.


The Credentials:

I am the founder of Foxy Fitness LLC, Coaching with Ranell LLC, and this amazing program. I am a, Certified Personal Trainer, Behavioral Change Specialist, Health Coach, and Life coach. I combine all my trainings (I am learning every. single. day. for you, for my clients, and for myself) to guide women to their goals using holistic, practical, and effective techniques. These techniques are combined into a personalized master game plan that meets every person where they are at mentally and physically to help them create a plan they can commit to.

Introducing Foxy Inside & Out

The 3 Main components:


Ranell has helped me change every aspect in my life. It’s not just about physically exercising; its your mindset about exercising, and food, and life in general. Ranell is encouraging and helps break down how I need to make changes in my life and really getting to the core of what I need to focus on. I feel so much more confident inside and out after training with Ranell.

My biggest take away from Ranell is making a life change. I am now much more conscientious about what I put in my body and make sure I stay active. It has become a habit and something I enjoy doing, rather than it being a chore. Ranell is amazing! I was in an absolutely terrible place and she is one of the two people who literally helped me flip my life around. I owe my newfound confidence to her.


What You get: The Break Down

Inside Foxy Inside and Out, you will find audios, work sheets, fact sheets, and cheat sheets to help you learn the way you learn best!

During the Prep Week, we will focus on getting everything ready for the work outs to come. You will find a daily video or audio with action steps to help you get your mind right for the program!

After Prep Week, the work outs start! You will have a daily work out and the informative and motivational audios and videos will become weekly to help you stay on track a long the way! Don’t worry! I am there with you 100% of the way!

Prep Week:

“If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”

Before you dive into your routine, we need to get you on track physically, mentally, and emotionally! During prep week, you will learn:

  • How to make this program work for you
  • How to set yourself up for success with realistic goals to avoid overwhelm
  • The 3 kinds of goals you need to set, so the focus isn’t just on the numbers
  • How to do your monthly assessments and take before and after pictures
  • The missing link in sticking with a fitness and health routine and how to ensure you stick with this one
  • What balanced eating means and how to take baby steps to find your own balance
  • How to healthify your kitchen to take-away the unhealthy distractions without tossing ALL the food.
  • Our top nutrition tips, tricks, and secrets to sticking with a healthy eating plan for the long-term
  • How to overcome the hate of exercise
  • Resources, apps, and tools for success at your disposal
  • How to take what I teach you and implement it into your busy, hectic life
  • Motivation tips to keep you going when the going gets tough

Exercise Weeks:

Within the Exercise Routine, You will find:

  • A proven 12 week work out program with videos instructing how to do each move.
  • Modification instructions for those who have limitations, injuries, etc. To be specific: modifications for knee issues, back pain, arthritis, and shoulder issues. Obviously you can always message Ranell and she will give you guidance.
  • Videos defined by intensity for each move so you can start at your fitness level, but know how to improve when you can and modify when need to.
  • Simple, step by step instructions for every single work out
  • How to gear the program towards you, so you have ALL you need for success at your own pace
  • Tracking sheets to track your work outs
  • What to eat before and after work out fact sheet
  • How to correct postural issues from sitting or standing all day
  • Instructions on properly lifting weights
  • Virtual Calendar to track your work outs
  • Limited Time Bonus: Free Bonus Week and the 10 minute Ab Booster!


Week 1: Muscles= Metabolism Boosters; take care of them! – You will find:

  • How to avoid injury with stretching
  • What stretches to do and when
  • How stress affects work outs and weight loss
  • Top 5 tips to control your stress, so it won’t affect your results anymore

Week 2: Are you Motivated Or Inspired? – You will find:

  • The truth about why you are lacking motivation
  • How to find motivation and keep i
  • How to create your own motivation and inspiration
  • Motivation and Inspiration Quickies PDF

Week 3: Your actions; your choice; your consequences – You will find:

  • Difference between proactive and reactive thinking
  • How to be proactive and think ahead in your fitness/health journey
  • 8 tips to make healthy eating simple
  • My effective and simple system to making healthier choices without the guilt and regret

Week 4: Injury Avoidance 101 – You will find:

  • Importance of foam rolling and/or massages
  • What myofascial release is and why we need it
  • When to foam roll for maximum effectiveness
  • How to avoid injury with yoga

Week 5: What to do when things go Sour – You will find:

  • Why the struggle is normal, especially around this time on your fitness journey
  • How to overcome it
  • Strategies to work through the guilt and regret we often feel after a bad food day
  • Tips to get back on track NOW

Week 6: Our Bodies will Tell us Everything We Need to Know; we Just have to Listen – You will find:

  • Difference between soreness and actual muscle pain
  • Signs your body is telling you it needs a break
  • Why breaks seem counter-productive but can actually be beneficial
  • How to work through a break and time off, so you won’t quit completely

Week 7: Gut Check! – You will find:

  • Why when we start seeing results, we subconsciously start to slack
  • Simple tips to work through the feelings of failure when you’re not seeing the results you want, so you don’t quit
  • Motivational pep talk
  • Thought-provoking questions to help you see the ways you are being a little too easy with yourself (we all do it)
  • Honest self-review of where you are at, where you want to be, and why you have or have not seen results

Week 8: Self-Sabotage at it’s Finest! – You will find:

  • How to recognize if you are self-sabotaging
  • A step by step plan to overcome all the ways you self-sabotage
  • The top fears that keep us from reaching our true potential and how to work through those fears
  • How our mental set points could be destroying your results
  • How our self-talk and belief in ourselves will either make or break our success

Week 9: Does Food Control You? – You will find:

  • My proven system to let go of the food control has on you
  • How to overcome viewing food as your source of comfort
  • Why we know exactly what to do, but just can’t seem to do it
  • Top tips to get you back on the healthy eating train

Week 10: It’s All Connected – You will find:

  • Why we need to find what’s missing in our life and fix it to truly see lasting results
  • Explains the effect mindset and beliefs have on our results
  • Life Balance Work Sheet to help you recognize the areas of your life you are most unhappy with
  • Questions to provoke creativity and ideas to truly create the life you want and DESERVE to live

Week 11: My Biggest Mistake – You will find:

  • My biggest mistake in my fitness and healt
  • Why accountability truly is key to doing the things we aren’t super excited about doing
  • What an accountability partner should do
  • Motivational Pep Talk

Week 12: I finished…now what? – You will find:

  • How we use excuses and blame to soften the blow on ourselves, so we don’t have to own our results
  • In Depth work sheet reviewing the past 12 weeks to help you see how far you have come
  • Why the numbers aren’t the end all be all
  • How to flip the focus from just the numbers and not let the numbers define you
  • Completion Bonus

Your Body is your Vessel for Life; if you don’t take care of it…it can’t take care of you.


  1. Make this Program YOURS – You will find:

    • How to make the time, even when time seems to be your enemy
    • How to put together your own fitness routine
    • 10 Ways to switch up your work outs
    • How to exercise with pain
    • (VIP) How to get your family on board with eating healthy
    • (VIP) Simple steps you can take to teach your kids to become more active and eat healthier
    • (VIP) How to handle an unsupportive spouse in your fitness routine
  2. Meal Prepping Dissected – You will find:

    • Meal prepping tips from a busy mom, just like you
    • How much time meal prepping should take and how to simplify your process
    • How to meal prep for yourself and your kids
    • A step by step guide to prepare for meal prep
    • How to break meal prep down into easy steps with examples
    • How to meal plan based on portions
    • (VIP) Done for you 7 day Meal Plan with shopping list
    • Simple go to recipes we use as a back up plan when time is tight
    • Done for you Grocery List
    • Portions and Myths Explained Nutrition Book
    • Foxy Fitness’s guide to Eating Out
    • (VIP) 12 Day meal Prep Challenge
  3. Pep Talk Downloadable Audios:

    Sometimes, we just need a little encouragement to help us get out of our own heads about it!

    • Stop Caring What Others Think!
    • Rise Up!
    • Do your Best & Forget the Rest!
  4. (VIP) Emotional and Boredom Eating 101 – You will find:

    • The truth behind emotional and boredom eating
    • Why we emotional eat
    • Why we boredom eat
    • Simple step by step plan to overcome emotional AND boredom eating
  5. (VIP) Recordings Vault – You will find:

    • All the recordings from programs, challenges, freebies, etc. I have done in the past. From 25 days of Fitmas to 5 days of no sugar.
    • Motivational pep talks to keep you going
    • Confidence boosters for those days you just need some encouragement (or someone to talk you off the pizza, brownie ledge!)
    • New recordings posted every month, so you have plenty to listen to, to get you in the groove!


Sara Beth Church

“Before I started training with Ranell, I was so unhappy with how I felt and looked. I hated getting dressed in the morning, I wouldn’t wear tank tops, and I just felt like a blob. When I would think about doing Ranell’s program, I was super uneasy and honestly, put it off for a while. I was worried about money, but now I realize…I was more worried I wouldn’t stick with it or worried it would just be another failed effort.

But I dived in anyway; I was so sick of feeling tired, fluffy, and unhappy. My weight controlled everything I did…or didn’t do. The work outs were tough in the beginning, I’m not going to lie, but what’s awesome is that Ranell didn’t let me quit. I did the VIP option because I knew I needed the accountability and knew she would keep me in this. She wouldn’t give up on me even when I wanted to give up on myself, that’s one of her strongest qualities!

I lost over 23 inches!!!! I am soo much more confident now! I can walk outside in a tank top and not worry about my bat wings! She taught me how to change my nutrition, not cover it up with a diet or a shake, but she taught me it’s okay to eat the damn cake as long as you have a balance to your nutrition! This was the one program I stuck with and the one that made the biggest difference! I tried Beachbody programs, Shakeology, and classes at the gym, but this…this taught me SO MUCH more than any of those did.

AND since we get LIFE ACCESS, I can keep going through the program and with the different exercise levels, I can make my next round level 2, and then do level 3! I go back and listen to some of the motivation and food audios/videos for reminders! Ranell’s the real deal! I have more energy, more confidence, and I am so much happier!! You’d be crazy to pass this up!”


Sheena Lindell

I needed self discipline and self awareness. Ranell taught me to be aware of the foods I eat and the importance of vegetables. I have lost 16.75 inches so far!! I didn’t even realize I had that much to lose!! Ranell helped me get in the right mindset, so I could lose those inches…I always tried fad diets and couldn’t stick with them. Now I realize the problem was my mindset around fitness; Ranell helped me speak life to my goals. She helped me go from telling myself “what the hell am I doing? I’m just going to fail!” to “I got this! I can do this!”

Sheena Lindell
Sheena Lindell


April Hardy

Ranell has taught me how to eat and exercise more effectively and efficiently. I’ve also learned that I tend to mentally overwhelm myself when it comes to working out. The result of that is that I easily scare myself out of it. Working out with Ranel and doing videos takes that mental crap out of the equation for me. She has showed me that I can do what I set my mind to and work hard at. I lost 23 pounds and 22 inches; I went from feeling insecure and hating my body to loving the way I look and feeling confident. It’s amazing to be able to put clothes on and be happy with the first outfit I put on!

I have gotten many things from Ranell, but my biggest two are working out smarter, not harder and that it isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it!

I know that had I not met Ranell, I would have continued on the slow weight increase that I had been doing for years. Incremental weight gain is tolerable in the moment, but I’d wake up years from now like Adam Sandler in the movie “Click”. SCARY!! Ranell probably saved my life and I truly love her!


Halie McNelis

Ranell has taught me so much. She has taught me to love my body first. Know that everyone is different and to find the things that work for you. I have learned how to eat correctly and what good foods are. I have gained so much confidence because the food I’m putting into my body is transforming me. I know that I am worth it and I can change the way I eat. It’s really about the foods first workouts second. I am a much happier person because of the results. It took me a really long time to see results. I could feel myself getting stronger, but it took a while to see weight loss results. I am a much stronger person mentally. I would always say I was going to work out and I was going to change, but I never followed through. I now know that I can set a goal and achieve it!

My biggest take away is my confidence and goal setting. I now know that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I can’t make up excuses anymore. I’m worth it! I can do it! I want her to know how appreciative I am of her wanting to help me. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She saw the potential in me and pushed me! That meant the most. Having someone believe in you and see the greatness deep within. I’m forever grateful for her and our friendship!

Halie McNelis
Halie McNelis


Trish BlackwellTrish Blackwell

Personal Trainer, NASM-CPT, ISSA-CPT
Business Coach
Confidence Coach, Founder of The College of Confidence
Author, Podcaster, Speaker

The clients who work with Ranell are lucky indeed, for it is not often that you find a trainer with so much passion, empathy and authentic desire to help and serve others, all combined in a dynamic package of encouragement and support. Ranell is truly a gem in the fitness industry, someone with deep experience training and an unquenchable desire to continue learning and implementing the newest fitness and nutrition science breakthroughs.    Furthermore, she understands firsthand the journey to establish a healthy relationship with oneself, with one’s body and with one’s relationship with food, and Ranell excels at helping her clients create healthier lifestyles and bodies that are sustainable. Most importantly, Ranell cares deeply about the success of everyone she influences and is committed to helping people achieve anything they want.

You’ve tried other programs…

Why not try something a little different?

Something that covers all the bases

100% Satisfaction Guarenteed

The Last (& Cheapest) Trainer You’ll Ever Need…


  • Self-Study

  • Effective 12 Week Fitness Program
  • Exercise Video Demonstrations & Modifications
  • Lifetime Access
  • Facebook Accountability Group
  • Work sheets, Audios, Videos, & Tools for your Success
  • Healthy Habits Coaching Sessions (7- 30 minute calls)
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  • Recordings Vault
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  • Emotional Eating Bonus
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  • Get Started Now!
  • VIP

  • Effective 12 Week Fitness Program
  • Exercise Video Demonstrations & Modifications
  • Lifetime Access
  • Facebook Accountability Group
  • Work sheets, Audios, Videos, & Tools for your Success
  • Healthy Habits Coaching Sessions (7- 30 minute calls)
  • Welcome Package
  • Recordings Vault
  • Meal Prep Challenge & Meal Plan Bonus
  • Family on Board Bonus
  • Emotional Eating Bonus
  • 6 Payments of


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  • Get Started Now!

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What if I’m not sure I will stick with it?
How can I be sure this program will work for me?
I am scared it will be just like any other program I have tried in the past
I’m super busy…how can I make this work?
I haven’t exercised in years, can I still do this?
But what if I will be on vacation during part of the time?
I work out all the time and am just looking for something new, how can this be for beginners and for someone like me?
How long are the work outs?
What if I get in 3 work outs a week instead of all 6?
If I miss a week or two is that okay? Will that ruin my results?
What if I fall behind?
What happens after the 90 days?
How does virtual coaching work?
How is this different than doing in person training?
How do the accountability calls work? And can I do more?

What if I don’t get started right away?

Foxy Inside and Out is for you, if you:

  • Are fed up with your current situation and ready to do something about it
  • Want to reach your fitness goals the right way
  • Want to learn what’s been holding you back and fix it
  • Believe your mindset is important in all areas of life
  • Are ready to be the best version of yourself possible
  • Are done with the yoyo cycle and ready to embrace lasting results
  • Want to get in the best shape of your life
  • Want more energy
  • Want to increase your confidence and finally feel beautiful in your own skin
  • Will put in the effort and do what’s necessary to see lasting results (aka put your health as a top priority)

It’s not for you, if you:

  • Want a quick fix
  • Aren’t willing to put in the work
  • Don’t believe your mindset is important
  • Aren’t ready to make any changes
  • Care more about the numbers more than your health
  • Won’t go through the homework and information provided to help you
  • Won’t make your health and joy a top priority in your life